Program Design and strategy for Acre south beach area
Status  Completed 2018
Location Acre south beach
Land area 2,000 m2
Client Acre Municipality, The Economic Company of Acre Ltd & Israel Government Tourist Corporation
Acre was a major ancient City dominating the east side of the Mediterranean. This coastal city over 5,000 years of age, had a major historical and strategic role effecting the economy of ancient times in this region. Nevertheless, the city sea shore waited until recently, to its costal renewal, prompted by MK Strategic Plan (Mother Plan) and resulted in major changes in the life this city and region. Situated in the north of the country Acre is blessed with a sandy beach and tranquil sea, ideal for tourism and recreation. However, until 2014 this natural strip failed to attract tourists or investors, and was much neglected until the MK Plan was commissioned and started to be implanted. The scheme included a 3 Kilometer long beach stretching between the old city and the Naaman River to its south. The plan included both the sandy strip and the hinterland area at its back, a total of 3 square Kilometers. Soon after the official publication of the scheme the development, both public and private, was underway, indicating the effectiveness and impact of the MK Strategy and unique method of ‘Mother Plan’. While the beach strip was designed and executed to become an open, accessible and welcoming public sphere, with small bars, restaurants, beach facilities, shades and a light floating wooden promenade, a new neighborhood was erected in front with the private sector initiative, becoming an un precedent successful housing complex, facing the renewed beachfront and the beautiful city and seascape. Currently, only two years of the completion of stage 1, with one kilometer strip, a second wave of development is on its way, with thousands of flats, hotel rooms and commercial space, all in the region of the plan, including the renewal of the famous, nevertheless neglected, fishermen’s port, all connected through the vivid and revitalized beach front.