Tel Aviv's Central Beach Promenade


Program Renovation of Tel Aviv’s 2.5 km central beach promenade including the renewal of the existing beach buildings
Status Completed 2018
Location Tel Aviv Central Waterfront
Land area 60,000 m2
Client Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality via Atarim Co.
The renovation project aimed to create a new continuous interface that enables free pedestrian flow to and from the sandy beach, throughout the city's central waterfront. Moreover, serving as the main waterfront public space of the entire metropolitan area, the new promenade and its sitting-terraces were designed to offer a generous array of seats and relaxation opportunities along the seafront, in order to host great many new visitors, and create a hospitable and lively public domain for this large dense urban area. The strategic objectives of the project focused on the following key aspects: New flow, Continuity, Equality and Accessibility, Ecology, Hospitality, Public Terraces, Specificity, Liminality. The new ‘in-between’ space that was created in order to mediate between the city and its beach, had become a vital melting pot for a new urban culture, where spontaneous bands of acrobats, backgammon players, young parents, sportsmen and many more.