Be'er Ya'akov Central Park


Program Recreation park, lake and wetland
Status In progress
Location Be'er Ya'akov
Land area 123,000 m2
Client Be'er Ya'akov municipality
The Be'er Ya'akov Central park's design is a unique opportunity to transform the vacated Zrifin Military Base grounds into a vibrant green lung for the growing population of the area. As such, the park will be integrated into the urban walking and cycling trails network, connecting the old and new neighborhoods of the city. The park will feature an urban sports complex with an open-air theater that will be Integrated as part of the building's roof, being able to host up to 10,000 spectators. The military base buildings will repurpose while preserving the old tree groves. A winter pond will collect rainwater, serving as a natural habitat. At the heart of the park, an ecological lake will be constructed alongside a restaurant. Additionally, the park will include play areas, fitness facilities, extreme sports compounds, and a variety of recreational activities.