Program A public landscape space in the city offers various activities and an ecological lake
Status Competition proposal - In planning
Location Ben Shemen neighborhood in Lod
other area 1120 Dunam
Client Municipality of Lod
Ben Shemen scenic complex, an area of 21 Hectares at the heart of a new part of the city of Lod, is offered as a place for the experience of nature; one that invites discovery by creating an assortment of elements and events such as waterscapes, topography and a variety of materiality and activities. Alongside these, the park offers spaces of urban tranquility, a stream with a pond based on a rehabilitated brook, restaurants, pedestrian bridge, an Amphitheatre, bike and track paths, sports facilities and more. The proposed Pond, in the spirit of the park, will be ecological in its maintenance and will inhabit animals and vegetation natural to the local environment. The pond will feature an island, approachable by boat, and an extensive bank that could be walked along. The design competition for the park was won in early 2019 and the detailed planning process commenced following that.