Garden Of Science, Haifa


Program Garden of Science at The Madatech Museum Of Science
Status Completed 2009
Location The old Technion Court, Haifa
Land area 4,500 m2
Client Mada Teck-The Israel National Museum of Science
Haifa Science Museum, Madatek, is located in the midtown historical part of the city, adjacent to what is known as the steepest street in Israel Lord Balfour Street. It is only natural, that the issue of topography had become the major architectural theme of the open air Science Park of the Madatek. The site of the park is confined between two historical buildings that use to accommodate the Technion Institute of Technology until the 80's. These historical buildings are gapped by 5 meters of vertical height, which lead to the idea of the spiral motions round the garden. The visitor climbs, almost unconsciously, through series of seven courtyards, each is dedicated to a different scientific discovery or theme, only to find oneself descending back to the start point, via the serpentine of waterfalls and dams, all dedicated to theme of water. An amphitheater, which was situated at the heart of the gardens, gives opportunities for assemblies and performances taking place in the cool Carmel Mountain's summer evenings. Since opened, the Museum's Science Park had become for its many visitors, a place for sensual and educational discovery.