Kiryat Yam's Waterfront Plan


Program Strategy and action plan for Kiryat Yam's waterfront
Status Pre-planing
Location Kiryat Yam coast
Land area 400,000 m2
Client Kiryat Yam Municipality
Strategic plan for Kiryat Yam’s 40 hectare waterfront, was completed in 2018. The plan strives to promote the concept of “Beach Culture” as the main catalyst for the area’s regeneration. In order to create the Beach Culture - characterized by being vibrant and active, yet organized - the plan proposes the establishment of a unique tourist centre for young people, comprised of campsites, hotels, surfing sites, leisure compounds, sailing centres and more. The plan suggest several different stages of construction aimed at gradually realizing the whole strategic vision. It outlines an array of projects to be carried out over a 6 years period, some of which are for immediate actualization and some are meant to be built in the following years.