Program Renovation of the Marina square
Status Planning
Location Eilat
Land area 36,000 m2
Client Municipality of Eilat
The Marina Plaza project offers a new 3 hectares (30,000 sqm) public space in the center of the busiest tourist coastal strip of Eilat, in the vibrant urban heart of the city. On the banks of the urban marina, in an environment that has suffered years of extreme neglect, a new public space will be built in an international design standard and will offer visitors an array of activities and experiences, including the municipal sailing club, peers for water sports and attractions, commercial spaces, restaurants and leisure areas. A sand basin will be located in the heart of the project and will act as the main square, playground area and leisure spot. The basin will be surrounded by a unique custom annular pergola and an additional area featuring playful water elements. The project’s maritime front is planned to include Wading Pools and a scenic Palms Hill overlooking the Red Sea, surrounded by the Eilat and Jordan mountains.