Shekou Garden of the Sea


Program Conceptual Design of Shekou Fishing Port Renovation project
Status International Competition Proposal
Location Shekou, China
Land area 83,000 m2
Client Nanshan District People’s Government of Shenzhen Municipality - Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources of Shenzhen Municipality
Shekou Port was the beginning of Shenzhen. The sea was the source of life for the villages that became this enormous and vibrant metropole. Shekou Port is proposed to become a celebration – of life, of love to the sea and its fishermen and inhabitants to whom we owe our wealth. The proposal offers a new eccosystem to connect urban culture and sea culture with a new focus on the relationship between sea life and culture life. We wish to do so with a new observation on living by the sea – in this age of awareness it will enhance the tight relationship between humans and fish in all aspects of life – be it economical, environmental, social, cultural, mythological – fish has always been deeply rooted in humankind life. This project tries to rejoice the history and nature of Shenzhen through its rich marine life. Our task was to bring to the surface the fish that feed the life of so many. The elegance, beauty and mystical nature of these deep-sea dwellers will be our inspiration side by side to those who devote their life to bring them to our table and feed us. In this age of a new awareness to the environment our task is to become conscious to the Other – be it people, living creatures, plants, the air and the earth. Our design draws from the fish a celebration of life coming from the deepness of the sea – dynamic, colorful and full of life – this is our proposal to Shekou Fishing Port, Shenzhen.