The Cliff eco-center


Program Beach park visitor center
Status competition entry
Location Tel Aviv beach
Land area 3000 m2
Client Tel Aviv - Jaffa Municipality
The project's location in the heart of the rare coastal nature reserve, both in its dimensions and its values, presents an opportunity to create a unique structure that seeks to offer a new experience of connection with the earth, wildlife, flora, water, wind, and sun. The experience of the place aspires to generate interaction on every level, starting from encounters with the 'small world' of the nearby - animals, reptiles, amphibians, plants, insects, seeds, birds, crabs, and sand - through encounters with the 'grand world' - the vast nature of the sky elements and the fundamental elements of water, fire, air, and earth. The delicate construction nestled in the sand of the beachfront area harnesses the natural formation characteristic of the cliffside and minimizes intervention in the space to enhance the resilience of the natural systems along the metropolitan coastline. The lower garden level is surrounded by cavernous spaces resembling bell chambers carved into the cliff, crowned with various openings to the sky. The upper 'Foundation Garden' that develops on the crest of the cliff integrates between the broad view of the sea, the experience of connecting entirely to the sky, wind, and universe, and encounters with the variety of plant growth and coastal biodiversity. The proposed center is an open structure with a variety that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside, between nature and human, between built and natural, in order to evoke a new perspective on our existence here.