Eilat's Waterfront Plan


Program Strategic design and implementation plan for the redevelopment of Eilat’s waterfront
Status In Progress
Location Eilat
Land area 14000 dunam along 13 Km waterfront
Client Eilat Municipality
The Eilat Coastal Strategic Plan offers a concept that will outline a new image for the Eilat coastal strip and promote an informed development of the scenic and touristic experience it offers to its residents and visitors. For the first time in the history of Eilat, this plan offers a comprehensive vision of planning that derives from a broad view of the entire coastal strip and provides the necessary integration between urban and tourist development while preserving and making good use of Eilat’s unique natural and environmental treasures. The vision for the development of the coastal strip offers a tourism concept of complementary contrasts that will reinvent the experience the city offers its visitors. Alongside the rejuvenation of the northern coastal city as a vibrant, lively and high standard tourist space, the south coast will be developed as a unique nature tourism complex offering serenity and tranquility in the spectacular scenery. All these measures are taken in order to open the city of Eilat to a variety of new target audiences and to renew its attractiveness as a leading national and international tourism hub. Research and analysis of contemporary tourism culture and the needs of the city of Eilat and its residents set out in this plan a new agenda for the development of the coastal strip in Eilat to new standards of quality.The plan derives from understanding that a new, well-designed concept that offers new standards of architectural and environmental quality, can leverage the amazing benefits of Eilat, putting it on the map as both a sought-after residential city and a contemporary and inviting tourist destination that attracts diverse target audiences both domestically and internationally. The plan is based on three key design metrics: Environmental leadership as a planning and social concept Architectural excellence as a tool for tourism leadership Developing local and authentic tourism that strengthens the experience of the place. In conjunction with the study of statutory, touristic and environmental data of the coastal strip, this plan provides an applied and concrete outline for realizing the proposed change, including schedules and budgets required to implement it. The unique aspect of the plan is in the various tools and scales in which it operates and in the scheme that combines immediate action in public spaces, planning guidelines for private entities and the promotion of statutory plans that outline long-term changes. In order to offer effective solutions with both short and long-term implementation and success the “Mother Plan” works on a variety of levels, incorporating environmental thinking in the fields of economics, program, management, and marketing.