The gate to the land of Waterways


Program Design and strategy plan for the ecological restoration of Ein Zahav stream.
Status In progress
Location Kiryat Shmona
Land area 200,000 m2
Client Kiryat Shmona municipality & The Kinneret Drainage and Streams Authority & agma & Tel Hai College & KKL
In the section of Ein Zahav stream, the southern gateway of the stream hosts a diverse interface with various entities: residential neighborhoods, an urban nature park (Kakal Grove), an industrial area, and an open rural space where a regional train station is planned. Therefore, this space serves as an ideal pilot project for experimenting, learning, and implementing knowledge pertaining to various issues related to urban stream ecological restoration. This initiative aims to establish a vision for a project that can serve as a model for further stream development within the city. It seeks to bring about transformative change that underscores the potential of an urban space situated in a city built alongside a long-hidden, yet beautiful stream. Thanks to recent community efforts, this stream has been rediscovered as a unique natural treasure nestled in the heart of the city. Through this project, we aspire to foster a meaningful connection between these diverse spaces, creating a new relational framework that integrates cultural and natural elements, rejuvenates the surrounding natural environment, and fosters business renewal and innovation. All towards an urban culture of mutualism, capable of thriving and flourishing in a city blessed with water springs and a meandering stream flowing through its midst.